We have worked with hundreds of children and young people worldwide and we are proud of everyone for how far they have come. We love you all, but here are just a couple of examples of the life-changing impact our charity has.

Changing young lives

Mary Wambui

Mary grew up in our children’s home in Kenya after she and her little brother Robert were abandoned at the ages of just 7 and 3 years old. Mary has always worked hard in school and got very good grades. We supported Mary through school and now at Jomo Kenyatta University where she is studying Community Development and Environment. She chose this course because her goal is to help other children who have troubled upbringings, to make their future bright.

Empowering young people


Naomi started volunteering at Pause Cat Cafe and she was very shy and not very confident in her abilities. Over time, with patient guidance, she has become independent at working and does not let her learning disability hold her back from being excellent at her work. She gets a lot of enjoyment and self-esteem from helping in the cafe and finds the environment calming for her anxiety.

Inspirational stories

Challenges don’t have to hold you back. Read on for inspiration on how to turn trauma into triumph.