The first school in Zambia for children with autism

Caleb Centre for Children with Autism

There is little disability awareness in this southern African developing country, with no help from the government for families with a child or adult with any disability. The team at the Caleb Centre is working hard to improve outcomes for children with Autism, but they need a little help!

Would you like to help?

The Caleb Centre For Children with Autism in Kabwe, Zambia was founded in 2016. It is a nonprofit making organization and currently supports 42 students living with autism spectrum disorder. When Lisa volunteered in October 2019, ONLY 11 of these children could attend due to financial difficulties in transportation and out of these 11 children, only 5 of the families could afford to pay for food and the school fees.

We are fundraising to help transport more children to the school, fund another teacher so that each child gets the attention they need, and to help feed the children and staff. Any donation will make a difference, and monthly contributions will give extra security to know that we’ll be able to continue supporting these children in need. Donations are processed securely by PayPal Giving Fund. Please select ‘Caleb Centre Zambia’ for us to make sure your gift goes exactly where you want it to.

We are looking for volunteers to visit the Caleb Centre and lend a helping hand. Zambia is behind most countries when it comes to autism care, so volunteers with skills and experience in supporting those with autistic spectrum disorder would be super, but anyone who is keen to help will be welcome. Click the button to contact us and we will be happy to explain what is involved, what to expect and we can advise and facilitate your trip.

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